About scrapheapstuart2

Hello! I am a retired teacher in his early 60’s. I live on the North-east coast of England near Saltburn by the sea. I live with my lovely second wife Christine. I have 3 grown up children and 2 grandchildren. Chris also has 3 children, so we have 6 between us! ( she also has just become a grandma.) I used to teach History, geography, RE and English in Middle schools and secondary schools.

I am a vegetarian and am trying to become a vegan, at least when I am at home. I lean to the left in politics and regard myself as an “old-fashioned” socialist. I am running out of parties to vote for but suppose I support the Greens more than anybody. I am a big music fan and sing in a community choir in Whitby. I am a pacifist and support nuclear disarmament. I am also interested in environmental issues and support Friends of the earth. I campaign for animal welfare and wild-life conservation. It’s an uphill struggle.

Since retiring I have done a lot more reading and have got into my writing. I have written memoirs and also like travel writing. I have had a small piece published in a rock music magazine but generally just write for pleasure. I write about people and places, and about issues that interest or concern me. I am probably a bit of a grumpy old man but am actually pleased about that because it means I am now expressing my views rather than hiding them. I have a bit of an aversion to electronic gadgetry and am proud that I can get through most days without having to use an I-Phone, sat-Nav, I-pod etc. I got my blogging name  from someone who insensitively described retired people as being on the scrapheap!So I hope you enjoy reading some of my scraps. Feel free to comment and tell your friends.

best Wishes —- Stuart.


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